Photo Library

The images shown here are intended to provide some form of a visual record of what James motorcycles look like.

Most of these motorcycles were produced in an era where there was little photography (b&w or colour) and brochures were artists impressions.

As many people are now trying to restore (or maintain) their bikes to something approaching how the original really was, I hope these galleries will help.

I will try and maintain the format used on simplywizard for categories, i.e. in ascending engine capacity order and, within that, by rigid/plunger/swingarm

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98cc Models

James Comet Rigid (J1/J3/J10)

Handlebars and controls

Suspension, Wheels and Brakes

Petrol Tanks, Bodywork, Stands and Number Plates

Headlights, Switches and Electrics



122cc Models